Making It As An Artist

A genuine and refreshing approach to help you move from level to level in your career A vivid look at bringing success to every Artist or those who are artistic in their thinking Written for Artists, but will challenge and empower anyone looking to move forward in their career Loaded with valuable insight to arouse the passion needed to press on to success. Your personal guide for insight and knowledge on art collectors, galleries, journalists, and what these experts expect from an Artist.

If you are one of the many people who are seeking success as an artist, then this is a valuable tool for you. JoAnn DePolo's Making It As An Artist explains the inside workings of the business of art with critical information on preparing for an maintaining a career as a professional artist and is endorsed by artists, art educators and gallery owners.

Making It as an Artist

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This is a valuable tool for any one who wants to experience success as an Artist. DePolo offers the Artist colorful philosophical guidance as well as black and white practical tips.
— Mary Forte, professional artist
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