Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Come & Create Winter Art Exhibit and Sale!

Recent article from the Morning Journal previews the upcoming exhibit! Hope to see you Saturday!

Opening Exhibit in North Olmsted to Highlight Local Art

NORTH OLMSTED — The work of 10 local artists will be displayed at a winter art exhibit.
The “Come and Create Art Exhibit” at JoAnn DePolo Studios & Gallery, 26719 Brookpark Extension, will spotlight the work of Jackie Chavez Anderson, Maria DeVito, Rusti Greenlaw, Jean Hipple, Deb Starek, Theresa Maxwell, Owen McCafferty, Cyndy Monjot, Smara Lahoud and Jon Schafer.
The exhibit, which is free and open to the public, is open from 6-8 p.m., Feb. 1 through Feb. 14.
DePolo, a self-taught professional artist since 1995, formerly rented studio space at temporary locations.
In 2012, she opened her gallery which offered a permanent location to create, teach and display art.
“I finally have a home base to work out of,” she said. “My students always exhibit their work and I used to find space for them to do so for a day or two. But now, it all takes place at my studio.”
DePolo said the age range of her student-artists runs from those in their teens to individuals in their 70s. Their work is displayed alongside the work of professional artists.
“This boosts up their resumes and they’re being taught by a professional artist as well,” she said. “It helps them move on to the next level if they’d like to make art a profession.”
DePolo, who sits on the North Olmsted City Arts Commission, uses acrylics to create contemporary artwork in the abstract as well as photo-realism displays.
Students work is also in the same range, she said, and gallery browsers will see a wide range of art.
“I think people like to come to a place where it’s a creative atmosphere,” she said. “They walk in, see the pictures, hear music playing and they won’t want to leave. It’s a nice place to create in.”
DePolo’s Gallery offers painting classes, creative workshops and studios for artists to create, teach, display and sell.
For more information, call 440-320-0900

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