Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Come & Create Grand Opening in August


Come & Create has found a home! Renovations are taking place to prepare a space for an art studio, gallery and art lessons. This is a great space with room for artists to conduct classes and workshops. Many community art events, guest artists, art lessons and exhibits are scheduled! Come & Create Gallery & Art Lessons is located at 26719 Brookpark Ext. North Olmsted.

Watch for our Grand Opening in August...this is a great time to be an artist!

Come & Create Workshop Highlights  - Parma & Brooklyn

 "Off the Page Inspiration" was created at an abstract expressionist workshop at the Cuyahoga County Public Library Parma South Branch on July 16. Workshop participants created individually before collaborating on a large canvas resulting in "Off the Page Inspiration". Painting is on display.

Workshop participants who created "Off the Page Inspiration"
I had an awesome creative filled time with this group...Nice Work!

For more about Come & Create workshops fill out the form on the contact page.

Come & Create workshops are designed to renew personal creativity 
and support team building through collaborative painting.

Brooklyn Middle School - Artist Detectives Art & Research Program
 Brooklyn Artist Detectives with O'Keefe paintings

Artist Detectives blends research with the art of creating. 

 Exploring the art of miniatures
Young artists have the chance to experience many different styles of art


Great Job!

Painting like the master artist Buonarotti

Parma South Artists Detectives express with paint

This is art!

Yes...this is art!

A big thanks goes out to CCPL Brooklyn and Parma Branches
 for recognizing the impact of art on individuals and community.

Come & Create Painting Class Highlights
September - October 2012 Schedule Coming Soon

Recent work by Leah Heinsius
Artist Leah

Joan Swanson creates out of her comfort zone
 Joan conquered the challenge...Nice Work!

Inspired work of art by Janice DeAngelis

More updates to come...

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