Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Painted Rain Barrel Auction

Root Barrel Soda 
"Refreshment For Your Soil"
JoAnn DePolo

I had a great time painting this rain barrel for Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation. This rain barrel will be part of an online auction along with another 20 barrels painted by artists to benefit the district's education programs. The auction will begin in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted. I hope you will enjoy the flavorful details found within this rain barrel.This barrel was featured in an article published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer June 28, 2012. Bid on this barrell Rain Barrel Auction

The Root Barrel Soda rain barrel is created to look like a can of root beer soda with all the elements found on today’s canned beverages including a pull tab, bar code and Rain Water Facts (in place of the usual Nutrition Facts). But this barrel is not about the popular root beer soft drink. The wooden barrel design features plant and flower roots soaking up drops of valuable rain water. The Root Barrel Soda label shows a foaming mug typically associated with traditional root beer but a closer look reveals the foam is actually a tree top with its trunk inside the mug as tree roots spread out through the bottom. A banner runs across the front containing the slogan “Refreshment for your Soil”. The phrase “Since Day One” rests at the bottom of the mug.  No Reap (gather) – No Sow (spread) is located above the label as a replacement for the classic more familiar phrase of No Deposit - No Return. This rain barrel informs while it performs. Root Barrel Soda… “The Quality Soft Drink Since Day One”…Collect Some Today!

 Rain Water Facts in place of the normal Nutrition Facts

Comes Complete With a Pull Tab on Top

...and Bar Code. The numbers have a specific meaning
and are not random. See if you can break the code.
Here's a hint...the answer is divine!

Root Barrel Soda detail 

No Reap(gather)...No Sow(spread) 
in place of the usual No Deposit No Return

Root Barrel Soda...Collect Some Today!

Each project offers opportunity for growth through research of the various subjects I paint for private and public commissions. I knew little or shall I say was not interested in collecting rain water until taking on this project. Now that has changed. It seems wasteful to let this valuable resource get washed down the drain only to be chemically treated then released back into the water cycle for us to purchase. It just does not add up to good stewardship of our natural and financial resources. Rain water is naturally soft and contains no chlorine, fluoride or chemicals. It is true refreshment for your soil...collect some today!

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T.D. said...

Hey there, Just stopped in to say love the barrels. I made a collage out of your pictures over on my blog. Feel free to check it out ! http://www.blackandwhiteobsession.com/2013/04/the-good-ol-outdoors.html