Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Come & Create Lorain County Community Mural

Come & Create Lorain County Metro Parks Community Mural

We had a great time painting with everyone from the Metro Parks. This collaborative painting was created exclusively for Dan Martin commemorating his 20 years of service as the director of Lorain County Metro Parks. More than 100 of Dan's family, friends and fans contributed to painting this mural sponsored by TrueNorth Cultural Arts at French Creek and Miller Reservations on April 20 & 21, 2012.

This couple never expected to paint when they came to this event
...they painted, had fun and did a great job!

Painting at Miller Nature Preserve in Avon

First painter at French Creek

Painting at French Creek Reservation...such talent!

Everyone enjoyed placing their painting contribution on the canvas

Painting at Miller Nature Preserve

Miller Nature Preserve...The mural is taking shape 
thanks to the Come & Create Community Mural Team

Miller Nature Preserve is a great venue for stirring up creative energy

Everyone is eager to place their artistic contribution on this evolving mural

Huge THANK YOU Rick Fortney of TrueNorth Cultural Arts for sponsoring 
this incredible mural painting event for all to benefit from and enjoy!

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