Monday, May 28, 2012

Come & Create Calvary Baptist Church Community Mural

Calvary Baptist Church in Elyria celebrates 100 yr anniversary

Calvary Baptist Church celebrated its centennial and the Come & Create Community Mural team was honored to be a part of this important day. On May 19 2012, over 70 of Calvary Baptist Church members joined together in celebration to paint a piece of art created for them to enjoy now and for generations to come. The following photo highlights capture a small part of the fun and fellowship everyone experienced.

Mom and daughter paint together and ...Nice Work!

 Young Artist at work creating first painting

It can seem overwhelming but don't worry...everyone will help

Love the blending of colors...Great Job!

 Everyone places their unique painting contribution on the canvas 

Coming along nicely

Beautiful work...everyone adds a little personality to the painting

 Lookin' Good...just about done!

Completed Calvary Baptist Church painting 2012

 Doris Beckwith of Calvary Baptist Church with completed community painting. 

Doris experienced the excitement of Come & Create at Friends Church in North Olmsted and wanted to share the joy of creating a painting together with members of her church. Thank You, Doris, for inviting Come & Create to celebrate with you and your church family. The finished painting is now displayed in Calvary Baptist Church lobby for all to benefit from and enjoy now and for generations to come!

Come & Create Community Murals are great for social gatherings or promoting a specific cause
 Community Outreach
 Team Building

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