Friday, November 19, 2010

Making It As An Artist

My initial experience in the art profession had revealed that most artists are on their own when it comes to, what I cringe to refer to as, "the business of art". But it remains a fact; artists need to know how to make their creations and artistic services known to the public - how to reach galleries, art collectors and attract the attention of the media. From the time it was published in 2006, I have received numerous testimonials from artists who now have a greater understanding of their unique contribution and that their gift of creative expression is for others to benefit from and enjoy. It is this mindset that seems to effortlessly generate increase and advancement.  With the holidays ahead you may want to surprise an artist you know with an E-Book or paperback copy of Making It As An Artist...
Go Get'em!

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“This is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to experience success as an artist. DePolo offers the artist colorful philosophical guidance as well as black and white practical tips”.   
Mary Forte, Professional Artist, San Diego, CA

"Artist JoAnn DePolo opens her heart to today's creative minds in this instructional book. She inspires and encourages Artists to follow their passion and enjoy the freedom to be themselves. And when their pieces are created, DePolo offers well-founded tips on finding buyers, keeping them and creating more marketing opportunities. Making it as an Artist - is a well-balanced step-by-step visual painting of becoming – and remaining - an Artist. Believe in yourself, like DePolo says in this book that also captures some of her personal experiences, and gallery owners and buyers will be seeking YOU out!”
Joanne Berger DuMound, Reporter, Sun News

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